2020-11-19 17:19:27

A study on the origin and biology of Podarcis muralis populations in Poland published in Amphibia-Reptilia.

2020-10-17 21:16:36

A large study on the adaptive evolution of Dolichophis caspius published in the journal Genes!

2020-10-01 13:44:27

Notes on the occurrence of Macrovipera lebetinus in Pakistan published in the Herpetological Bulletin!

2020-09-29 22:58:47

The new records of parasites for two species of the genus Bufotes from Pakistan published in Herpetological Review!

2020-09-29 22:55:25

The genus Microgecko firstly recorded from Iraq! Published in Herpetozoa.

2020-09-02 09:19:03

The species status and origin of the genus Microhyla in Pakistan published in Zootaxa!

2020-09-01 18:20:59

New photos from the short trip to Croatia!

2020-08-22 18:37:34

The article presenting swimming behavior in the steppe species Dolichophis caspius published in IRCF Reptiles & Amphibians!

2020-08-20 17:38:26

The new video gallery section related to research launched!

2020-08-20 17:22:36

The first record of amphisbaenian and anguimorph lizards from the upper Miocene published in Historical Biology!

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