Lab members


Daniel Jablonski

Daniel Jablonski, principal investigator



Current members

Ph.D. students

Adam Javorčík is working on phylogeny and phylogeography of snakes, especially of the genus Dolichophis. His master thesis was about the phylogeography of Anguis colchica.            

Petr & Simona Papežík are studying frogs of the genus Pelophylax in the Balkans and the evolutionary history and biogeography of Natrix tessellata. Simona is continuing her master's studies on the same tessellata topic.


MSc. students

Martin Raffaj is working on the distribution and species modeling of snakes in Central Europe. He is continuing his BSc. thesis about the distribution of Zamenis longissimus in Slovakia

Jakub Vrbňák likes to see blood parasites of water frogs in the Western Palearctic. He is continuing his BSc. thesis on blood parasites of amphibians and reptiles in the Western Palearctic 

Laura Mičeková studying the genetic diversity of Xerotypthlops vermicularis in the Balkans and osteology of two cryptic taxa of the genus


BSc. students

Martina Lawson likes to know everything about the genus Dopasia in southeastern Asia


Former members

Petr Balej - an external student with a bachelor thesis on microrefugia of amphibians and reptiles in the Balkan Peninsula

Mária Hároníková - bachelor thesis about distribution and genetics of turtles in Slovakia

Zuzana Ježová - bachelor thesis about the ecology of turtles in Slovakia

Matúš Meszároš - unfinished bachelor project regarding the ecology of the genus Anguis in Slovakia

Lucia Švecová - bachelor thesis about the distribution of N. natrix and Natrix tessellata in Slovakia